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Social media listening to engage with your connected fans and turn them into brand ambassador.

The Challenge

As a marketing manager in the business of venues or entertainment, you are aware that listening to what's beeing said on social media is crucial. But you have so many other things to take care of as well.
You know people are over reacting on social networks whenever something awesome or not so great happens - you want to take advantage of this .
You want to enrich live experience and activate tech-savvy fans who are massively active on their smartphone.
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" I want just one intuitive and powerful tool to handle all social media activity. I want the data to be relevant and quickly actionable. "

We know your time is important, that's why we combined into one dashboard social media listening and location based listening. Our actionable analytics shows you immediatly the data and profiles important for your business.

inSuite is the most efficient way to combine all social media listening aspects into one dashboard so you and your team can quickly access relevant data :

  • Find which attraction is the most popular
  • Compare between two time periods what were the trending topics
  • Compare between two events which had the best digital outcome
  • Keep track of loyal attendees, new comers and build a relationship with your brand
People over react on social media whenever something awesome or not so great happens. inSuite lets you build custom alerts based on keywords or user behavior and highlights the data relevant for your business.

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" People spend a lot of time on their smartphone in my venues. I need to turn this into an advantage and push my customers deeper into the fan experience. "

90% of whom have a smartphone expect the center to be a smart center, a smart stadium... How can you easily connect your venue and enrich your live events ?

Connected fans are the best audience you could wish for. inSuite leverages connected fans with several features that let you enrich your live events and interact directly with them :

  • Add a live and digital dimension to your event with our LiveWall
  • Our interactive LiveWall will show their posts, make them feel special and incentivize more people to cheer...
  • Stimulate your audience by creating Live Votes
  • Reply and send them custom messages and personalized advertisement
  • inSuite empowers your center to give you a competitive advantage on visitor engagement. inSuite gives you the means to turn them into brand ambassadors and brand advocates by engaging with them on a personal level. For instance ask them their opinion about the performance, tell them why they should stop at the gift shop after...
    inSuite is a collaborative social media tool. It lets you create better relationships with your guests and more opportunities to turn them into lifetime clients or brand ambassadors.

    Which aspect are you interested in ?
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    " I need better profile data than the ones I already have. I need a more powerful tool than emails to interact with attendees or guests. "

    How can you get deeper behavior and better profile information than the ones you already have ? How can you customize the experience of the people attending your venue or event ?

    Your relationship with your customers must continue once they are inside your center. inSuite provides deep profile analysis so you can reach them via social media and initiate a valuable relationship.
    inSuite analyses profiles interets, their relationship or engagement with your brand and products so you can :

    • Follow up with people once they are inside
    • Know what people are talking about, which team they support...
    • Know when was the last time they visited, what they enjoyed
    • Send them contextual content during different moments of an event

    inSuite allows you to reach the people attending your venue or your center. Greeting them and interacting with them once they arrived is the next step towards building a durable relationship and higher engagement.

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    " Before using inSuite, I was missing out on over 30% of content because people don't always use hashtags or use the wrong ones. "

    Guillaume Jollet, Stadium Charles Maurau, Paris