Actions speak louder than data.

inSuite, the only Analytic tool that combines
Social Listening + Location + Customer Engagement.

The 3 key points you need to remember :

Monitor any place or keyword
Actionable notifications
Powerful Customer Discovery
insuite dashboard analytics geolocation listening

Monitor any place or keyword.

inSuite features both location based and regular social listening.
Never miss what's being said in relevent area for your business, or globally across social networks. See the top keywords used in your malls, or around your shops. Compare what people are saying across different places or over different period of time.
inSuite combines content and context to give you the best insight.

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social media listening location geolocation alerts notification behavior

See what's happening, at any instant.

inSuite detects influencers, sensitive words, and most importantly, when someone is returning in your place. Be alerted in real time via email or push notifications through our mobile app.

Even better : monitor your competitors' areas and shops. See who is there and why. Come forward and remind customers how great your products are. Make them come to your store instead with a coupon or a reward...

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actionable data social selling customer discovery engagement

Never miss a potential customer again.

inSuite analyzes profiles and behaviors to detect when a potential customer is on-site or around your business.
Our algorithms take over a dozen parameters into account to determine how likely a profile is worth buying your product, and how to reach him.

The power of social selling for anyone on your team.
Social selling is extremely powerful but having the correct approach is crucial.
inSuite has deep user insight and will recommend you on the best way to start a personalized conversation. inSuite lets you engage with a profile in the most efficient way.

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Monitor any place in the world

Access critical data from any place, whether it's related to your business, a competitor's, or a strategic market.

Compare locations

Monitor multiple places, compare which one draws the most social activity and why.

Understand local audience

Get deep insight on your audience at one place : their behavior, interets and how engaged they are with your brand.

Receive Actionable Alerts

Each alert is an opportunity to grow your business. Influencers, loyal customers or hesitant prospects. They deserve your attention.

Social Selling for your team

inSuite tells how to engage customers on a personalized level and what to aim for. Social selling is accessible to anyone in your team.

Customer Lead Score

Each profile is deeply analyzed. We even cross-reference multiple social networks for more precision.