Listening is not enough anymore. It's time to act !

Boost your Social ROI by transforming Social Media Listening into smart Customer Engagement.

inSuite preview of dashboard social media listening

inSuite boosts your social ROI with Social Media Listening + Location.
Because sometimes, location matters more than #hashtags

1.Choose locations to monitor

Focus on any area relevant to your business :
your shops, your competitors' locations, or a target market

2.Find crucial answers

inSuite analyzes in real time profiles, behaviors and interests of people posting within your locations, so you can better understand your audience and customers.

3.Engage your audience

From your dashboard, engage people on-site, give them a custom experience and transform them into your brand's advocates.

inSuite becomes essential for your marketing plan and for your customer relationships

Customer Discovery with inSuite's Customer Lead Score

inSuite analyzes profiles and behaviors in real time to detect new customer leads.
inSuite even tells you the best way to interact with them, on a personal level: that's smart social-selling.

Social Selling on inSuite with customer leads

Why use inSuite ?

Who is inSuite for ?

inSuite is perfect for Marketing Managers and their Team, including Community Managers and Sales. It combines all social media listening aspects into one intuitive tool, so you and your team can quickly access relevant data and take action.

Can inSuite also do regular (non-geolocated) social media listening?

Yes, absolutely. inSuite covers as well traditional keyword and hashtag listening. We gathered in the same tool social media listening with or without a specific location.

What types of alerts can I set up?

inSuite's alerts can be set for your own locations or for a competitor's place. inSuite alerts you when a influencer or a targeted profile is detected within a location, when a sensitive word is used, or even when a regular customer is coming back.

I need to better understand my customers. How can you help?

Each profile is analyzed by our proprietary Customer Scoring Technology, to understand how likely he is to become a new customer. If a social relationship is already established, inSuite shows you how to re-engage this profile.

The 3 key points you must remember about inSuite :

Location is gold

inSuite cuts through the noise to focus on critical data : what people are saying and doing in your stores or any sensitive places.

Engage with your on-site audience

With our unique Customer Scoring Technology, inSuite tells you who to engage and how.

Track social ROI and social selling

inSuite helps you start personalized conversations with prospect and track sales. Turn customer leads into powerful brand advocates.

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